Wednesday, September 1, 2010


‘Post Office UK’ has a long list of customers who just won’t get enough of the efficient and at the same time quality services offered by the company. When it comes to insurance covers from the basic life insurance to even a pet insurance covers can be enjoyed by the people who may secure everything from their families, selves to even pets.

Post Office car insurance, house insurance, travel insurance etc. there are in fact over fifty life covers offered by the company to the customers. Depending on one’s liking and needs, she or he may choose from these covers that guarantee a security of life time for sure. British Travel Awards honored ‘Post Office UK’ with the best Foreign Exchange Provider Award in the year 2008.

Other services offered by Post Office UK being credit cards, foreign currencies, instant savers, phone cards, travel cards and such. The point of the matter is that it doesn’t merely show all these various services simply listed on its website but at the same time also serves innumerable customers online as well as in the near twelve thousand branches scattered around UK.

Offering the best of Post Office currency exchange rates on a number of different currencies, nearly seventy of them make the company all the more popular. Also a spectacularly convenient and mobile travel card that sees removing of money from many different ATM machines world wide which simply is a show of strength as to how ‘Post Office UK’ is the real thing to be chosen over the others.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Increasing Road Rages lead to rise in Premiums

Recently car insurance company AXA conducted a research on irresponsible driving. The research shows that every year road rage claims 800 lives in Britain alone.

As per the study almost 35% of car drivers who met with a serious accident felt angry or frightened because of another driver in the seconds leading up to the incident. If drivers are alerted about such incidents before itself they will drive safely and road rage accidents would go down.

Every year on an average £35 goes from each driver's pocket towards annual premium and the reason behind this is accidents that happen due to road rage. If the careless attitude towards driving continues amongst drivers then the premiums will rise further. The insurance companies take high risks when granting a vehicle insurance because in most of the cases the drivers are at fault and the damages are huge. But the compensation has to be made. Road rage accidents end up injuring the drivers and their vehicles to a very high extend. The cost of treating injuries is going up day after day and if drivers are taking up the responsibility of driving responsibly then insurers have no option but to increase the premium costs. High premium rates are also being used as a reason to put people to drive safely on the roads.

There is a fear in the minds of insurers and the government, if the premium rates go on increasing a lot of drivers may decide not to take an insurance which will be even more harmful. They would have no cover in emergency situations and any mishap.

Post Office UK offers a comprehensive range of post office insurance and cover. Post office insurance covers travel insurance, car insurance, finance & foreign currency exchange rates etc.

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Monday, August 9, 2010


In these doubtful and financially hit times where the flow of money for a common man is as much as that of water in the desert, ‘Instant Cash Advance Loans’ come in very handy and helpful. The trouble is today while asking for personal loans one has to go through paper work verification and security and what not.

All that credit check is done away with these ‘Pay Day Loans’. There are a number of companies offering different types of ‘payday loans that see money being given to you in your hands within hours after submission of the application form for the instant cash advance loan or instant pay day loan.

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You may choose between these innumerable companies and their offers and see which company and its scheme suits your need best. Of course one would do well to remember that these loans are at the heart, for some instant but basic financial requirement that you need to take care of. One may not however fancy buying a car with an instant payday loan for the loaned sum would be removed from his next paycheck. One should also apply for only a particular amount that is realistic enough considering his own monthly earnings.

The plus of applying for a payday loan is that one doesn’t have to pay more interest if you have a bad credit when compared to the ones with a good credit. Never the less these instant payday loans are best used for persons with a stable income and who have suddenly met with an urgent requirement of money for simple problem to see them through the days until their next pay check arrives.

Easy payday loans are easy to find and quick to apply for. Terms and conditions for easy payday loan vary from lender to lender. To get this quick payday loans you will need to check the interest rates deducted by online payday loan company.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Young Adults are more likely to face Debt Problems

As per a report by a consumer organization young adults between the age of 18 and 34 years are at a high risk of facing serious debt issues.

On one side the homeowners are coming out of debts because of the low interest rates for the first time in the past 17 years. However, young adults do not usually take decisions for buying homes; there are other factors that are leading them to bad debts.

As per the findings, 1 out of 3 people under the age of 34 has failed to repay the bills in the past one year. 29% of the young adults admitted of having credit problems as compared to 18% of all the age groups and 23% of people with long-term illness and disabilities.

A major reason why youngsters fall in debts is because they most of the time choose short-term loans as they do not want to keep long repayment commitments. The lenders of such loans take the advantage and charge interest rate that is equal to 2,500% a year. It is also been observed that certain legal lenders charge a higher amount of interest rate when compared to the illegal lenders. The government is taking steps and planning to implement a cap on interest rates to avoid debt problems. Tighter and tougher norms will govern short-term lending.

Many times the victims of exorbitantly high interest rates are not aware of what they are getting into. Once they fall in the debt trap, they realize their mistake and then it becomes impossible for them to come out of it.

Cash loans are quick means to get some quick cash loans to pay an urgent and unexpected bill, or control of your finances till next payday. While applying for cash loans check the interest rates.

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Leading UK lenders raise Interest rates

Lending money has always been on the list of people, be it for buying a home or a car or an emergency. The lenders too have to keep up their profit margins and at the same time offer competitive interest rates to stay ahead of the competition. Amidst all this, 3 of the leading UK lenders have raised their interest rates.

3 banks namely Bradford & Bingley (B&B), the Co-operative Bank and First Direct have raised the cost of their fixed-rate loans. The rate at which borrowers borrow money from the lenders is constantly rising and hence the banks have decided to make this move.

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First Direct has raised its 2 year fixed mortgage rate to 6.15% from the past 0.16%. While the Co-operative Bank has raised its 3 year fixed mortgage by 0.7% and the 5 year fixed rate by 0.9%. Meanwhile Bradford & Bingley has increased its fixed rate mortgage between 0.5% and 0.7%.

The variable mortgage loan has gone up by 0.1% and the interest rate on fixed-rate self-certification mortgages has increased by 0.95%. Even the interest on buy to let loans has risen by 0.3%.

Every person wishes to own a home and this is not possible without a mortgage. The lenders now decided to raise the interest rates, which leaves the borrowers with 2 options; either to wait for the rate to come down or to pay the high rates.

Immediate cash loans for unemployed and those suffering from bad credit rating. Immediate cash loans help to tide you over until your next pay check.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Going for a Mortgage Keep in Mind these points

A lot of people take mortgages to buy properties. Buying property has become a costly affair for many and so people depend hugely on mortgage or loans. These are available from banks financial institutions and even money lenders. But the most important factor to decide which loan to take is the interest rate, loan size, repayment terms etc, these differ from one creditor to another.

The terms and conditions of mortgages put a lot of restrictions on property disposal and reselling till the time the money repayment is not completed. In the US and UK the demand for property ownership is huge and so the economies of these countries depend hugely on mortgage finance.

In US the borrowers apply for mortgages by filling an application form, they are also required to submit their credit or financial history. The money lending institutions then study the financial condition of the applicant and then decide whether or not he is capable enough to repay the mortgage. If he passes all the guidelines followed by the institution he gets the mortgage, he is also given the best possible plans as per his needs.

Before passing the mortgage applications the lenders look into factors like credit report, outstanding credit, credit card accounts, down payment, income, interest rates, available funds and debt to income ratio. They also look into the supply and demand ratio, demographics and the mortgage industry trends.

Another important thing to keep in mind before taking a mortgage is the interest structure. There are fixed and Adjustable interest rate options. The fixed rate interests remain fixed and are not affected by external factors whereas adjustable interest rates keep fluctuating with the economy of the country. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

People Saving Money to Pursue their Passion

People save money for numerous reasons, child education, a bigger home even refurbish it. Life is long and the need for money may turn up any time. This is the sole reason which motivates people to save some cash for uncertain situations. Some people even save money for their favorite leisure activities.

Saving money for traveling is one activity which is catching attention of a lot of people for saving money. Watching the sun set on a beach, para gliding on lush green mountains, skiing in Switzerland and many such activities are on the travel junkies minds.

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The only problem is they cannot carry them presently, most of them are working individuals and cannot afford to compromise on work for personal pleasure. Also they cannot think of giving up a month’s income and pursue their passion. The only thing such people can do is save for future, post retirement people have ample time to travel and experience the wonders of life, after all there is no age limit for enjoying life.

The idea of saving is not highly practiced amongst young working professionals. Just their best interest activities can make them hold their money. Any passion be it photography, adventure sports etc can be made a motivation factor to inculcate the habit of saving as per financial experts. Financial planners have seen live examples of people who go for world tour, study their favorite subject or a road trek after retirement. They begin saving money for such activities the time they start working.

The journey never ends and so do the options which attract people to save money. The traditional formula for saving money for bad times does not work anymore as people have become risk takers now and live life in present giving least priority to the future. So why not make the hearty passion the motto behind saving some cash.

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